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10 Black-Owned Beauty Brands


Jun 11, 2020

During the past few weeks, we’ve been experiencing a wave of international protests for racial equality. The number of brands banding together on social media in solidarity with the Black community is compelling. But the demand for change is more than a simple post on IG. It is essential to sign petitions (Justice for Breonna Taylor, Justice for Geroge Floyd, Justice for João Pedro Cruz), fight against injustices, and support Black-owned businesses.

Every day is a new day to celebrate the Black culture, and today, we are highlighting some amazing Black-owned beauty brands for you to follow and support.


1) Pat McGrath Labs


Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 15.04.04


Coined as “The Beauty Mother” by all beauty gurus, PatMcgrath started her career as a makeup artist just at seven-years-old, and now owns a $1 billion empire. PatMcgrath had the opportunity to work with iconic names of the fashion and beauty industry, such as Giorgio Armani and Max Factor. Her collection counts with amazing products for lips, eyes, and skin –  oh, and incredible merchandise, obviously!

Mcgrath also won the “Best of Beauty” award and invented the Euphoria Makeup, a type of experimented makeup with abstract eyeliner and A LOT of colors.

Website and Instagram


2) Hanahana Beauty


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“Hanahana began from a simple want to truly feel confident in my own skin”, tells the Founder Abena Boamah on the brand’s website. With nature and handcrafted shea butter sourced straight from the Katariga Women’s Shea Cooperative in Ghana, Hanahana Beauty is the perfect option for those who want to feel hydrated and confident in their own skin!

Website and Instagram


3) B.Simone Beauty


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The phenomenon B. Simone, known by her famous YouTube channel, opened her own beauty brand in 2019 and crashed the internet on the first two months of sales. The idea of B. Simone Beauty is to show that it is possible to have good products without spending a lot of money. The line is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and counts with amazing lip products and cute accessories.

Website and Instagram


4) Epara Skincare


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Epara Skincare is the real definition of luxury and confidence. With products developed carefully with African botanical ingredients, the brand promises ultra-hydrated and soft skin. Epara Skincare is more than just products, it is the true care and attention that your skin deserves!

Webiste and Instagram



Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 15.10.26

Created by the amazing and young Trinity Mouzon Wofford, GOLDE is the beauty treatment your skin has always wanted! Featuring beauty masks, cleanser, serum, and even body butter, GOLDE uses natural and pure ingredients that will allow your skin to breathe and stay healthy.

Website and Instagram

6) Janet and Jo. 


Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 15.13.59

Janet & Jo is a vegan and non-toxic nail polish brand that was born after the founder, Kendra Woolridge, got tired of seeing beauty products made with chemicals ingredients. During that time, her mom and grandmother were fighting breast cancer, and Kendra wanted to create something that would be good and healthy for them! Janet & Jo counts with a wide range of colors that flatter all skin tones, especially darker skins.

Website and Instagram



7) Uoma Beauty


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Uoma Beauty celebrates self-expression, inclusivity, diversity, and more importantly, self-love. Founded by the Nigerian born Sharon Chuter, Uoma Beauty features products for face, lips, and eyes, offering options for all types of skin. The special peak goes to the genius collections’ names: Black Magic, Boss Gloss, Badass Icon, and AFRO.DIS.IAC!

Website and Instagram



8) Mented Cosmetics


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Mented Cosmetics was born after the founders got tired of seeing women of color suffer from the erroneous representation of the nude color. With an idea for change, Amanda E. Johnson and Kj Miller created Mented, a makeup brand that features lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, any many more products designed for all tones of skin.

“We created Mented Cosmetics because we believe every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty, no matter her skin tone.”

Website and Instagram

9) Vernon François



The hairstylist Vernon François created his own line of hair products after noticing a real need for hair care and styling products in the beauty industry. The lack of products for all types of hair is real and it should end NOW!

Vernon François Collection features a full range of products for each step of the hair care routine, besides the accessories and necessary tools, like silk cap, clips, and microfibre towel. Everything minimally thought for all the care routine!

Vernon François’ products are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, cruelty, gluten, DEA, and dye.

Website and Instagram

10) Danessa Myricks Beauty


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This brand is for those who love experimented makeup! The self-taught makeup artist Danessa Myricks decided to create her own collection after experiencing a lack of products with good pigmentation for black skins. Danessa shares on her website that she was extremely limited by the existing makeup shades and textures and because of that, she had to develop and create her own products so she could fill that demand.
Danessa is a real artist and her eye for what is beautiful and good is what makes her so genius!

Website and Instagram

Let’s fight together against the injustices and the pain. We believe in a better world!
Don’t forget to sign all the petitions and support all these incredible artists. Life is better when we celebrate love and art.