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4 Hottest Makeup Trends for Fall


Nov 10, 2020

The social distancing era made us say goodbye to uncomfortable clothes and makeup, making everything more than a concealer not seem like it’s worth the extra effort!

However, the emerging beauty trends for fall are at full blast, so there is nothing more exciting than have a look at those, right?! You don’t necessarily need to go out to feel beautiful and wear anything. you want, especially makeup!  Tying new makeup looks is not only a fun way to pass your free time but a way to lift up your mood <3


1. Blue Eyeshadow

This one of the most exciting trends for the fall. The retro era is the hottest period nowadays, especially the ’80s and 90s, and this bold eyeshadow proves it!
You can literally make any outfit GLAM and STYLISH.



2. Stained Lips

Do you know when you drink too much wine and your lips have that reddish aspect? Well, this is the biggest trend for LIPS, so wine-lovers, your time is now!



3. Full Eyebrows

There isn’t another trend that represents more the quarantine mood than this one! It’s over the days we spent hours in the beauty saloon making our eyebrows.
Just let it go!
Full and fluffy eyebrows are the“New Look” and transmit a very cool, stylish, and natural vibe.



4. White Eyeliner

This is the easiest trend EVER and can elevate your outfit to the contemporary level just by adding it to your face. The white eyeliner has the “special touch” power and is the perfect mix of delicacy and style.





Tell us, Populars, which one is your favorite?