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Be Well: Dollar-a-Day CBD


Jul 2, 2020

CBD is in literally everything—you can drink it, you can put in it your green juice, you can put it in your coffee and even bathe in it. And it seems Hollywood’s elite are doing just that. Never ones to say no to the latest wellness trend (CBD has been transforming the self-care industry, thanks to its soothing effects on the body & mind), A-listers including Jennifer Aniston, Dakota Johnson, Kim Kardashian West and Emma Roberts, are some of CBDs biggest advocates. While CBD eases stress and anxiety, it also decreases cortisol levels which prevents that unwanted belly fat.

Dollar-a-Day CBD subscription is the simplest and most affordable way to get premium CBD oil delivered right to your door. They offer a high-quality hemp-derived CBD oil at half the average price of competing brands. Dollar-a-Day CBD offers one product, in one size, and one dosage on a reliable monthly basis. This product is a full-spectrum, whole-plant extract CBD oil, derived from US grown hemp. It also contains a wide range and percentage of non-intoxicating cannabinoids while maintaining less than .3% THC.

They stand out from other CBD brands with a powerful mission and a strong commitment to actually helping people in need. They have made it their mission to provide premium quality CBD oil at a price that is truly affordable. They don’t offer fancy packaging, use distributors or retailers.

Unlike big pharma, opposing CBD giants with investors to answer to, and multi-level marketing companies, they put their customers’ well-being before their profits. They run their business based on a single core belief, if CBD oil can help people, it should be accessible to everybody who needs it, regardless of economic class or financial position. With that in mind, they’ve created The Million Mg Project, a pledge, to donate over 1,000,000mg of CBD to those who are experiencing mental/physical hardship and don’t have the financial stability to afford the care they need.




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