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Beauty Gossip: 2020, A Year Of Experimentation!


Mar 24, 2020

Since last year, we have seen a lot of changes in the fashion and beauty industries, all of them influenced by the rise of the festival era.
In fashion, the boohoo style, the mixtures of textures, the back of the ’90s and a lot of shiny garments became an In-thing.
In beauty, the big step was to create a distance from what was basic and common. If 2019 was marked down by the neon eyeliner and the sticking rhinestone in the face, 2020 is the evolution of that.

That’s why we decided to create a new series of beauty trends for 2020, and explain in details the highlights of all of them. 

7 beauty trends, 7 weeks. 

Follow us and stay tuned for the next few weeks! We guarantee that you will never be the same!


Who remembers the furor that matte skin was?
Well, not anymore – However, depending on the situation, the matte skin still being the best option.
The healthy and natural look is already a trend and is letting the heavy makeup in the past.
Fun fact: Who first introduced this tendency was Emily Weiss with Glossier. Now it’s the favorite choice for everyone.

What is most interesting about this trend is the fact that this is a reflection of what society is fighting for. We have lived a boom of searching for a good look, with people diving into crazy diets, plastic surgery, and heavy makeup. Everything to try to feel more beautiful.
However, the reality of that crazy era was that a good look is not a synonym of happiness.

With the rise of “new era” problems, like depression, anxiety and younger people not feeling comfortable with themselves, society had to change.
And well, this new natural look is one of the results.