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Beauty Gossip: Beb Organic!


Jul 15, 2019

Who doesn’t dread finding household items covered in oil after a small application. It seems like Beb Organic has created the solution and I am thrilled to have discovered it! Their nourishing oil works for all ages, from babies to adults, this gentle oil is free of harsh chemicals, great for all skin-types and even works for massages. In my last 60 minute treatment, My massage therapist could not stop raving about how easy it was to work their “Nourishing Oil / Calming touch” oil. Compared to other top recommended oils specifically designed for massages, this oil provides a great initial glide across the skin, while leaving my hands soft and natural after. My therapist even said to me, “it’s just a shame to have to wash it off between each client.” What a FANTASTIC product! With Beb Organic, all there creams, lotions and oils go a long way.

With “Nourishing, Calming Touch” oil-  you’re only two pumps away from having soft, glowing and nourished skin.