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Beauty Gossip with Hanna Beth


Apr 24, 2015

If you follow me on social media, you know I’m a big beauty buff. I’m always trying new products and brands, so from skincare to cosmetics, this feature is going to be real, honest reviews. And I need your help: If you have a beauty product you want me to review, let me know! (Drugstore, high-end, whatever.)

The Product: GlamGlow’s “Thirsty Mud” Hydrating Treatment Mask, $69 at

History: I’ve never used this product before, but yesterday at Sephora, one of the employees told me it was her favorite and I had to try it. (And I’ll take any excuse to get a new beauty product.)

Directions: Apply the mask after you wash and tone your face, so you’re applying it to a clean surface. The directions say you can use it overnight. My skin is very sensitive, so I was worried about breaking out from sleeping in the mask… but I did it anyway. (Editor’s note: That’s how far we at POPULAR go in the name of investigative journalism!) I applied the mask before bed, and left it on until morning.

Results: Finally, a face mask that actually makes an immediate difference. When I woke up this morning, my skin felt beyond soft & I noticed that a few marks I have on from acne got a bit lighter. Plus, my skin felt rejuvenated & fresh.

Grade: A!