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Beauty Series Week 2: Unexpected Eyeliner


Mar 31, 2020

This year, Beauty is one of the sectors that are most creating new things and predicting trends. And that’s why we decided to create a special series with 7 beauty trends for 2020.
Last week, we talked a little bit about the first biggest tendency of the year, Luminous & Natural Skin, and how this is a reflection of today’s habits among society. Nowadays, people are looking for authenticity and real beauty. 

Well, and talking about authenticity, let’s discuss the second trend: Unexpected Eyeliner

If you want to innovate your daily makeup and don’t know why the lipstick and the eyeliner are the secret tricks! In case of the lipstick, you can change the color and you will have a wide range of makeup styles – Honestly, it is very possible to exist more lipstick colors than people in this world!

However, in terms of Eyeliner, the color are not the protagonist, but the designs you can create!
This season, “unexpected Eyeliner” is getting famous among people, and before you ask yourself what is it, we tell you! As the name speaks for itself, unexpected eyeliner is an eyeliner with shapes, forms, and lines that are… unexpected.

Forget the basic and thin line above the eyelashes. The trend now is a line under the eyes, above the eyebrows, geometric forms, and many other options.
The cool part about this type of line I that you can dive yourself into your imagination and create something unique, with the color and shape that suits your desire!