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Beauty Series Week 3: Draping Blush


Apr 7, 2020

Beauty, as well as Fashion, is a way to express yourself. There is a lot of different trends and products in the world, but you are the real responsible for selecting and adapting all of this newness in the best way!

Continuing with our beauty series, this week we are going to talk about a trend that was very famous in the 90s and that is back nowadays: Draping Blush.
Basically, this technique consists of applying a very deeper blush that stands all over the cheekbones and a light blush on temples, creating a strong, glamorous and glowy look – You can even spread a little bit untill the eyes! 
This type of blush was and still is very famous among celebrities, models and makeup artists – If you want to give a special touch to your daily makeup, this is your chance!