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Beauty Series Week 4: Glossy Look


Apr 14, 2020

The year is 2020 and the beauty industry is more creative than ever! Although we are at home this first semester, trends are in full swing. That’s why we decided to separate the most famous beauty trends for this year and get you prepared for when quarantine is over!

In the fourth week of our beauty series, we present to you the Glossy Look, a makeup style that is quickly gaining fans and reproductions on the internet.
The glossy look is pretty easy to make and everything you will need is a clear lip gloss. Having this in your hand, you just apply on your eyes and lips and that’s it! You will have a glossy look on your makeup.

If you want to create a colored glossy eye, you will need an eyeshadow with the color of your preference to apply before the lip gloss. For the lips, you can use a colored lipstick plus the lip gloss or just a colored lip gloss. It is up to you!
The style is very simple to make and you can create on your own. Just have fun!