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Beauty Series Week 7: ’80s Glam


May 13, 2020

We don’t know how to start this post because at the same time we are sad because it’s the last week of our beauty series, we are extremely happy because this post is about one of our favorites trends.
Do you have any guess of what it is?
IT’s the ’80s GLAM! 
If there is something trend right now in the fashion and beauty industry, definitely is the throwback of the ’80s,  ’90s, and ’00s.
Those three decades were characterized by the glam and by the colors – About we understand everything about it, right?
Colored eyeshadows, glossy lips, and a lot of glitters resumes what the most unforgettable era was about.

Let’s have a look in some photos and get inspiration to create our own ’80s makeup?! We wanna see your entire look!


  • Hero Photo BuzzFeed
  • Photo 1 judgmentofparis
  • Photo 2 blog.cliomakeup
  • Photo 3 Tumblr
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