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Beauty Series Week5: Spidery Lashes


Apr 28, 2020

Beauty trends are non-stop! There is always something new in the industry that makes people freak out. Our beauty series is exactly about this: The passion with beauty, the energy that this industry has, and the opportunity to bring them for you!
On our week 5, we present to you a very unusual and peculiar trend that is gaining attention lately: Spidery Lashes.

This type of lashes became very famous in the ’60s with the iconic supermodel Twiggy, and now it’s back to the market! The secret is to keep the lashes long and glamorous – And don’t be afraid to exaggerate! Mascara exists to be used, right?!
This style is extremely fashionable and an option to innovate your makeup look and don’t know how!



  • Getty Images
  • British Vogue