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Jul 4, 2017

Hayley Williams just released four awesome new shades as part of her hair dye line goodDYEyoung. The new punk-chic shades are PPL Eater, a royal purple; Kowabunga, a summery green; Narwhal, a teal shade; and None More Black, a classic black.

PPL Eater: This purple tone is the definition of fierce. A dreamy hue that illustrates bold individuality.

Kowabunga: An out of this world vivid green is radioactive enough to catch the attention of aliens and humans alike.

Narwhal: Inspired by the unicorn of the sea, this magical shade of teal is as icy as the Arctic Ocean and as majestic as the narwhal itself.

None More Black: Just how we like our coffee… a rich black dye as dark as the night sky that’ll have you reminiscing on your emo days.

Check out our shopping lookbook and get ready to #DyeHappy.