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Aug 10, 2016

International make-up artist Pat McGrath unveiled her latest sensation of glitter lip kits and they are absolutely stunning. McGrath, who’s known for experimenting with textures and finishes, offers three five-piece sets that could be mixed, matched and layered to achieve varying finishes, colors and intensities.

Each kit contains a vinyl gloss, molten gold powder, a jar of glitter, and two complementary lipsticks to be blended freely (McGrath is know to use multiple shades), all packed in a pretty pink sequin-filled pouches.

McGrath only creates things she is obsessed with and right now it’s glitter. Lust 004 was born from the glitter lips she conceptualized for Atelier Versace’s couture show in July. Pat McGrath’s lasciviously LUXE Pat McGrath Labs 004 will be available starting on August 30, 2016. Sold as a collection but the items can be worn alone, or layered for customizable degrees of awesomeness. $60 (USD)