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Hannah Bronfman Goes #FaceForward with Clinique


Jul 15, 2015

We all have aspirations we aim for—one of which is glowing, healthy skin. Clinique’s iconic 3-Step Skin Care System is here to help with just that. Fully equipped with a cleanser, lotion, and dramatically different moisturizing lotion that are custom-paired based upon your skin type, the system aims to provide you with the perfect customized regimen. The line is launched with their #FaceForward campaign, which is headed by three inspiring Millennial brand ambassadors: Tavi Gevinson, Margaret Zhang, and Hannah Bronfman, DJ and founder of We spoke with Hannah about her routine, her amazing skin, and what she’s doing to continue achieving her amazing goals.

How would you say Clinique’s 3-Step Skin Care System differ from other skin care products? What do you love most about it? 
I love not having to think to hard about it! It’s one, two, three, and you’re done. I really feel my skin is the cleanest after using the Clinique 3-Step.

You’re very adamant about not being afraid to take risks—what would you say is the biggest risk you’ve taken? 
Starting my own company has definitely been the biggest risk for me. So much blood, sweat, and tears and go into it. And you have no idea how people are going to react to your brand or product.

You maintain a very healthy, active lifestyle—what’s your greatest motivator? 
I love to workout. I actually look forward to it in my day, which serves as great motivation for me to get my actual work done so I can go sweat for an hour and not think about anything.

Besides Clinique, what else is a part of your beauty routine? 
I try to drink 1.5 liters of water before lunch. That way I’m not so worried about drinking in the afternoon because I already got a lot in. I infrared sauna once a week and get into a steam room anywhere I can, most recently my friends house upstate. Sweating is the best thing for my skin to have that perfect glow.

What’s your guilty pleasure? 
Dark chocolate and lots of it.

This campaign is inspired by Millennials. How would you say we differ as a generation? 
I think our generation is extremely innovative and has continually enhanced the way people communicate.

If you could give your future-self any advice, what would it be?
Life isn’t always a race—you don’t always need to come in first.