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How to Be a Redhead


Apr 30, 2015

Emma Stone, Karen Elson, and Lucille Ball were all born blonde.

But guess what?

Redheads really have more fun.

But if you want to join the gingers—and you weren’t lucky enough to be born with hair like Lily Cole, Lindsay Lohan, or our new favorite, French actress Jenna Thiam—you’ve got to do the work. That’s why we asked Michael Angelo, owner and creative director of the Wonderland Beauty Parlor in Manhattan, to give us some advice. (And he does hair for people so famous, he’s not even allowed to admit it. So listen up.)

1. Prepare for Added Volume
“When you add color on top of your natural hair, you’re adding another layer around each strand. So going red will increase your hair’s thickness and weight. That might mean it’s time for a new cut… or it might mean you just have more fun tossing it in the wind.”

2. Stay Dry
“Let the color set for 48 hours before washing your hair, please. You can use blow dryers and curling irons if you want, though, as long as you protect it with heat styling products.” Recommended: Shu Uemura Essence Absolue.

3. Use Color Safe “Detergent”
“Think of it this way. For special clothes, you’ll use something more gentle than laundry detergent, and you’ll use color safe bleach. Your hair is the same way. Use shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair to make your look last longer. Recommended: Gemstone Color Shampoo and Conditioner.

4. Don’t Forget SPF
“Sun really can fade your color. If you’re going to be outside all day, it’s good to have a product with UV filters.” Recommended: Clarins Sun Oil for Hair and Skin


  • Jenna Thiam shot by Jérémy Barniaud in Paris, France. Stylist: Francesca Parise. Hair: Chris Vourlis. Makeup: Mayumi Oda.

    Scotland has the highest percentage of redheads (13%) in the world