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Master the Tinker Bell Bun


May 5, 2015

Your little cousins may be obsessed with Princess Elsa, but here at POPULAR HQ, we’re more interested in Tinker Bell. She’s a trouble maker, a fiercely loyal best friend, and also a beauty icon—especially now that top knots are the hair equivalent of black liquid liner.

Last week in California, we stopped by the Tinker Bell Bun Bar, where stylist Arianna Montazem walked us through the Disney-inspired steps:


1. Brush hair into a pony and secure with an elastic at the crown of your head. If you have bangs, leave them out for the full Tink affect. Tease/backcomb the pony (and bangs) to add volume. This will help give the hairstyle that “bed head” look everyone wants!

2. Grab the end of the pony and wrap-around the elastic creating a bun (not too tight!). Secure with bobby pins. For a bigger, rounder bun (or “pouf”), simply roll hair over a foam donut accessory. Tuck in hair using a rolling motion to ensure the bun is full and even.

3. Pull a few strands loose from the bun, unless you’re going for the ballerina look.

4. Finish with hairspray (we like Oribe Superfine Hair Spray) and / or pixie dust.