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Jul 28, 2016

Introducing POP, a celebration of individuality, authenticity and adventure, Summer 2016 sees the launch of a new Stella McCartney fragrance. To launch her latest fragrance, POP, constantly progressive designer and eco-advocate Stella McCartney just dropped an awesome new video campaign directed by Grammy-award winner Melina Matsoukas, (a.k.a the woman behind most of Beyoncé’s biggest videos), and staring a few of our favorite creative cool kids: ATM (namely, Amandla Stenberg, Lola Leon, Grimes, and Kenya Kinski Jones.

POP by Stella McCartney is the scent for the new generation of Stella Girls; independent but strengthened by their togetherness. It is an adventure, a spirit. It is about capturing the moment when you find yourself and come into your own.

Both campaign and video were shot in the California desert and follow the four POP muses on a road trip as they embrace their freedom, throw caution to the wind and set off on an adventure. This journey isn’t just literal – these girls are on the verge of big things, about to take on the world and become the women they want to be; these girls are about to POP. They are each in the driving seats of their own lives. Strong-willed, free-spirited, and independent-minded, they’re strengthened by their togetherness.

Stella McCartney comments “POP is a spirit. It is about capturing and celebrating that very special and exciting time when you are finding yourself and coming into your own. It is about freedom, and starting your life away from judgements or labels. Together as one, these strong young women are a force to be reckoned with.”

Legendary photographer Glen Luchford, renowned for his dramatic photography captured the attitude of four talents coming together.

Watch Grimes, Lola Leon, Amandla Sternberg and Kenya Kinski-Jones embark on a journey of discovery and embrace freedom in the California desert in a film shot by Melina Matsoukas. The POP film celebrates a grounded approach to beauty through a trail-blazing attitude, rooted in authenticity and individuality.



  • Images courtesy of: Stella McCartney