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May 18, 2015


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  1. Nikki,Fantastic shots love the soft focus on the portraits and haprsariy shot. What a privilege to go to such a brave wedding. They looked stunning relaxed, healthy, youthful. You captured all of that they will be proud of your photos forever. I hope that you get many more funky weddings to do like that one! what a great career that would be. Well done.

  2. So, I searched online for all those makeup products you use… And bought most of them… I really love them, thank you for sharing… My next step is get that foundation… I have red orange hair and need a fodation that’s not yellow lmao… :) I’m so excited for more makeup tricks… I absolutely love your house and wish I could move in with you :) I’d totally be your personal stylist any time :) love you so much

  3. P.P.S
    My new goal is to find scratch and sniff wall paper, and that shall be my room decor. Thank you haha XD Also, NYX really is a kick ass brand to anyone who sees this, its fairly cheap and pretty quality. Their eyeliner is the bomb for anyone that wants decent makeup, but you dont want to spend a whole paycheck, this is a good go to brand.

  4. When you said the kitchen reminded you of an underwater Alice vibe, i immediately thought of the underwater chapter of Alice: The Madness Returns. If youve never heard of it, just check out the underwater part. The whole thing is like alice in wonderland… Only a lot more morbid, and i just get the impression youd think its just as cool as i do :D
    An equally tiny petite human
    P.S. i really wish i wouldve met you before you became super famous, i actually live in Biloxi, not far from Meridian and I feel like you would be so awesome to hang out with, talk about random stuff, be sentimental about what it was like as a kid vs now. Why not come back to MS i beg DX id give the last of what little tuition money i have saved up to have a chance to talk to you.

  5. can i move in with you Hayley??? your house is amazing and I wouldn’t mind living with you cause you’re an amazing person blush

  6. OMG! I’m in love for your house Hayley! It’s so colorful, funny and eccentric (And I love eccentricity *-*) I loved how your home reflects your amazing and original personality!! In the end, I love it all and I’m sorry if I wrote something grossly wrong but I don’t speak (and write) very well in English >-<
    Kisses from Brazil!!
    Ps: when you return to Brazil, please come to Manaus-AM (My city) Cause' see The Paramore in live is my dream *—–*
    Pps: I love you, Hayley! You're so "Linda"
    More kisses from Brazil!!

  7. Ohmigod I freaking love Hayley Williams and Paramore. Hayley’s house is just amazing and I love how every room has a different characteristic style to it. I wish I had the money so that I could do something like this to my house.

  8. you are so cool
    everything in you its just an effortless even when you dress up, i like the way you move, your songs, your attitude. in fact I’m a big big fan of yours and paramore band when i was 3rd year in high school and the first song that i heard was THAT’S WHAT YOU GET and then that is the first and continuing listen to all of your albums now that i have job already. I hope that on your next concert here in MANILA, is to see you and have some cool shots together with you and your band. i love you hayley williams. hope to have some next albums of yours
    and hope that you will read this. :D kiss

  9. I love this, I knew a little bit more of her lifestyle today. Plus, I find her house & random stuff amazingly creative! I wish my house was like that haha. Hayley’s such an inspiration in many aspects!
    Love from Ecuador <3 :D

  10. It’s impossible to don’t love her!! :D <3 she is amazing, unic, sobrenatural!! :p

    Paramore, I need to ask you, please, come to Portugal!! We love you, We want to see you!! <3 :D

  11. Hayley is the most beautiful person in the world, inside and out and Paramore’s music is so flawless I love every song and moment the band has. I hope to meet Paramore one day to tell them how much I love and appreciate them. <3

  12. No! I didn’t want this episode to end! I could watch her talk all day, she’s amazing <3

  13. Good job Hayley! I really like this show and others on this site but am I the only one that has issues with how poorly the streaming service is on here? I have to go find them on Youtube to enjoy it at this point. Hope it gets better soon!

  14. Why am i seeing this? Im a man and not afraid to say my fan’s love for this gril lead me to watch her beauty in this show. Don’t care at all!

    FUCKING LOVE YOU HAYLEY! You’ re so beautiful!

    From Argentina :)

  15. Hayley’s house is so cool. I love all the different styles. Super creative and unique

  16. I’ve been a huge paramore / Hayley fan from the very beginning & I have to say I love watching these cute videos! I feel like I get to see another side of Hayley that’s not always shown. I’m 23 years old so I feel like I can relate to Hahley in many ways & seeing her style of living & funky makeup tips make me happy! ☺️

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