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Oct 23, 2015

We recently got a chance to meet the stunning Alaia Baldwin, at Smashbox Studios, in Culver City. Spoiler Alert: You’re going to love her!!!

Alaia is the older sister of Hailey, daughter of Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, and one of the coolest; most down-to-earth girls we’ve met in a long time. Not to mention she is a striking beauty, with her shaggy dark hair, long bangs and dark eyes; she definitely stands out from the rest of her competition in the modeling world.

Unlike her little sister Hailey and cousin Ireland, Alaia, as she herself says in her Twitter bio, likes to keep things on “da-low” The 22-year-old started modeling a few years ago but put her career on hold to focus on school. With that out of the way Alaia is going full-speed and recently signed with new modeling agency STATE Management, and is reportedly moving to New York City to focus full-time on her new career.




  • Stylists: Chloe and Marielou Bartoli. Hair: Chase Kusero. Makeup: Lori Taylor Davis (Director - Global Pro Lead Artistry). Photographer's Assistant: Brad Lansill. Lighting Tech: Drew Schwartz. Videographer: Spencer Byam Taylor.