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Meet Caroline Vreeland


Dec 2, 2015

We met up with LA-based singer, songwriter, and actress Caroline Vreeland at Smashbox Studios, in Culver City, for a quick chat on everything going on in her world. With tons of buzz around the release of her first single “The Mauling” Vreeland has a voice that matches her beauty – soft but intense, mysterious and magical. Caroline is about to take over our world with the the highly anticipated release of her EP “In Ruins”. Watch the video to find out more about Caroline.






  • Stylists: Chloe and Marielou Bartoli. Hair: Chase Kusero. Makeup: Lori Taylor Davis (Director - Global Pro Lead Artistry). Photographer's Assistant: Brad Lansill. Lighting Tech: Drew Schwartz. Videographer: Spencer Byam Taylor. Caroline Vreeland represented by Next Model Management