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Megastar Makeup Artist Lori Taylor


Nov 4, 2015

As one of the most creative and prominent make-up artists today, we sat down with Smashbox Global Pro Lead Artist, Lori Taylor, to get the 411 on the hottest tips and tricks in beauty for the Fall/Holiday season. Bonus: if you click the little “i” button at the bottom of each photo, you can shop items in the story.

1.Tell us about your relationship with Smashbox. I am the in-house makeup artist and global lead artist here at Smashbox. A work on all the beauty campaigns with Davis Factor.

2.Which beauty products can’t you live without?  I’m a total brow girl, because the brows frame the eye and help you to look more rested and less tired, defining the bows are the easiest way to look more polished.

3.Which beauty tools do you always have with you? I always carry a bright lip product and tweezers

4.What beauty secrets can you impart to our readers? #1 makeup should always enhance the face not mask.  #2 foundations should just even the skin out and not look heavy or caky. #3 concealer is the best way to hide a long night and a short morning.  And last but not least my favorite “makeup hack” is big dark glasses and a bright matte lip

5.Just stepped off the airplane. What’s the quickest way to look presentable?  Hydration is the keys to reviving the skin after a long flight so I always fly with some type of spray mist paired with a moisturizer, concealer for the under eye to wake up tired eyes, deep blue line (hopefully with pearl pigments) because blue make the eyes brighter and Smashbox LA lights lip and cheek stick for color and glow to fight off pasty plane face.  If all else fails then black ray bands and a hoodies and run for the car service…lol

6.What’s the secret to seamless foundation application? Always start the first application of product in the center of the face and blend out and up.  Now days the technology and formulation of foundation are so good that you can really just apply foundation where you need it. Not from forehead to chin in a masky application.

7.How about the perfect cat eye? Easiest way to prefect a cat eye is to take your time and depending on your expertise choose your product liquid pens for – experts, soft bendable pencils – for the novice, and gels – for the middle of the road makeup mavens.  Start first at the center of the eye apply outward then apply to the inner corner and connect to the middle.

8.What can you tell us about lips this season? This season it’s STILL all about lipstick and the color is rich and velvety, deep and Bordeaux, and has mega long wear ability.

9.Lip Gloss or Lipstick? I love both but right now LIPSTICK wins

10.What is Fall beauty all about this year?  The year the rich lip is pair with radiant perfected skin

11. How do you suggest is the best way to achieve natural looking glow on the skin?  Adding a layer of shimmer and then laying your foundation over it or mixing a liquid or cream luminizer for a gorgeous glow

12.Bronzer or Tinted Moisturizer? I’d have to say both because that’s my standard look for most makeup.  But if it’s just one the tinted moisturizers because radiant skin is EVERYTHING!!!! Right now.

13.What is the most important element of a makeup application?  And what is the best way to apply it? Applying foundation in sheer layers so it never looks heavy or artificial

14.Is there anything we wouldn’t expect in your makeup kit?  Aromatherapy candles because make should be a relaxing experience….