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Fake Lashes, Not Friends


Mar 10, 2015

Thanks to Mad Men and Tumblr, we still look at Twiggy photos and think, “Seriously, how do I get those lashes?”

Inky black and almost jagged, the model’s iconic blinkers have inspired photo shoots, mascara formulas, and YouTube tutorials. But unless you’re genetically blessed and armed with the right makeup, the mod lash look is one thing you might need to fake… and that just got much easier.

This week, Estée Lauder launches a new range inspired by André Courrèges, the French designer who helped create fashion’s mod movement. He opened his own atelier in 1961, helmed Balenciaga before Alexander Wang was even born, and used miniskirts and vinyl before any other Paris atelier. (Courrèges also had some major fit models, like Audrey Hepburn. #NBD.)

The design legend’s new line for Lauder has cool ’60s staples like opaque white eyeliner and chalky pink blush. But it’s their set of limited-edition fake lashes—perfectly pointed and a little bit glossy—that really stand out as the season’s must-have.

Normally, we’re big fans of au natural, but as long as your friends aren’t fake, it’s cool to cheat a little bit… especially when ’60s beauty goals are involved.

Courrèges x Estée Lauder lashes, $32; available March 18


  • Audrey Hepburn shot by André Courrèges, Paris, France

    The word "mod" came from a group of Londoners in the late '50s who listened to modern jazz