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Rare Beauty is everything we needed this year!


Sep 4, 2020

After such an anxious wait, Rare Beauty is finally among us. The brand was launched yesterday, September 3rd, at Sephora, and is already beating up records!

The collection offers a complete skincare/makeup routine and consists of 16 very well-designed products with a packaging that speaks for itself. Lipsticks, highlighters, foundation, and special kits are some of the products you will find in the collection, all of them vegan and GMO-free.

Makeup, for a long time, has always been synonymous with perfection and beauty. What many people do not know is that it’s not the makeup that makes you more beautiful, it’s your personality, your interior. The makeup just stimulates you. Rare Beauty is the type of brand that connects with you deeply through well-being and self-love. Rare Beauty is much more than a makeup brand, it is the stimulus we needed to show ourselves to the world!

Selena Gomez is an artist that always fought for what she wants and for what she believes. She is the kind of artist that uses her voice to disseminate kindness and self-love, so Rare Beauty is an extension of her. Having someone that does everything with love is exactly what we needed in 2020. Yes, it’s been tough and difficult, but 2020 is a year of change, a year that has reconnected us with our interior, so having a brand that talks about it are just incredible.

Thank you, Selena! Thank you for showing women they are beautiful the way they are <3



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