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Beauty Gossip with Hanna Beth


Mar 1, 2015

“Beauty is truth,” wrote poet John Keats in 1819.  It’s 196 years later, and we still agree.

That’s why our friend Hanna Beth Merjos is on the case. She’s obsessed with beauty products, experienced with skincare and makeup tricks, and (this is the best part) taking requests.

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Product: Doll Face Exfoliating Enzyme Peel, $38 at

History: I am a big fan of the Doll Face brand, which uses fair trade ingredients and never tests on animals. I’ve been using the Balancing Toner with Citrus Extracts religiously for a few months. Now I’m trying the enzyme peel.

Directions: When using the peel, make sure to start with a fresh face. Apply the gel all over your face; leave it on for 3 minutes.

(The time is important. Since enzymes and peels use acids to help clear your face, you want to make sure it only stays on for the recommended length. Too short and it won’t do its job; too long and you risk irritation. Set your iPhone timer if it helps!)

Once the time is up, wash off with cool water and gently pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Personal Results: I felt a little tingling when the product was on, which is normal; the sensation stopped once I washed my face. My skin didn’t peel, and I didn’t see immediate results… but I did notice it helped a little with pore size and breakouts! Overall, it’s a fun product to own, and use every now and then, especially if you’re feeling clogged or super oily. But I’m not sure this one’s a life changer, at least for my skin.


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    According to anthropologists, dolls are the earliest known toy, dating back to 2000 B.C.