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Jun 1, 2017

Want that gorgeous glow? Well, we found Hollywood’s secret to wellness and whole-body rejuvenation – Motykie Med Spa. Think of it as your one-stop-shop for red carpet beauty with services that include Celluma LED Light Therapy, Dermaplane Deep Facil Exfoliation, Hydrating Facial Rejuvenation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Diet Evaluation, Brow Shaping, and more.

We sat down with Dr. Roger Tsai (board certified plastic surgeon) and Maria Duran, R.M.D.S, (Motykie Med Spa’s Body Contouring Specialist) to find out how in a world of Insta-everything transformative beauty goes beyond being selfie ready to a true life-wellness program.

POPULAR: How long have you been performing the PRP Micro – Needling procedure?

Dr. Roger Tsai: I have been performing this procedure for the past 2 years. PRP treatments to the face is a fairly new and non-invasive procedure. Over this time, I have customized and made improvements to this technique, which now involves microinjections and microneedling to stimulate the many layers of the facial skin.

POPULAR: What are the results that you can expect after receiving the treatment?

Dr. Roger Tsai: PRP or platelet rich plasma is a portion of the blood that contains growth factors and cytokines that stimulate healing of tissues, cell turnover, and growth of new collagen. Therefore, this results in thicker, smoother, more youthful skin and decreases the show of lines and wrinkles.

POPULAR: We have heard a lot about the “Vampire Facial.” Is there a term that you use that best describes this treatment?

Dr. Roger Tsai: I haven’t quite coined a term yet – maybe “Plasma needling facial rejuvenation” but it is quite different from the “Vampire Facial”. With the “Vampire Facial” the blood is not separated nor concentrated – the red blood cells transport oxygen, so once outside of the body, it does not have much use, other than procedure the “wow” factor. Also the vampire does not involve injections. My procedure involves microscopic injections plus microneedling to get the PRP into the different layers of the facial skin. Plus the PRP is separated and concentrated which results in a more effective treatment.

POPULAR: How does the Micro – Needling enhance the PRP experience?

Dr. Roger Tsai: In this procedure, the microneedling creates tiny channels within the skin to increase absorption of the PRP. In addition, the microneedling breaks up irregular collagen (scars, bumps) and decreases pore size, along with collagen stimulation, which together creates an added benefit.

POPULAR: How often would you recommend receiving this treatment?

Dr. Roger Tsai: It depends on the quality of the facial skin when treatment begins. Many patients see significant improvement and desire two or three treatments one month apart to jump- start the process. Otherwise for maintenance, once every 3-4 months should suffice.

POPULAR: Can you tell us why this treatment has become so popular in the entertainment industry?

Dr. Roger Tsai: In the entertainment industry, patients want to look “natural” as if nothing was done, do not want surgical scars which are tell-tell signs of having a procedure performed, and also do not desire any downtime. Therefore, these non-invasive procedures are becoming more popular nowadays. This particular treatment can provide more youthful and improved skin quality with minimal downtime, can be performed within an hour and thus patients can get on with their life. Because of these benefits, this treatment has become very popular.

POPULAR: Do you think social media and the “selfies” play a role in girls taking care of their skin at an earlier age?

Dr. Roger Tsai: Absolutely. Social media has such a huge influence on women, young girls, and transcends all industries. Even in my surgical practice patients are always showing me “selfie” photos from social media of faces and bodies they desire. These girls desire the beauty they see on social media and because of that are willing to take care of their skin at an earlier age.

POPULAR: What do you think the next big trend is in beauty?

Dr. Roger Tsai: That’s a very interesting question. What I’ve noticed is whatever beauty trend is happening at the moment is what patients come in asking for. Augmentation of the breasts, buttocks, and lips have happened. I would say the next big trend is buccal lipectomy, where the fat from the lower cheeks are removed to provide the contour many women seek, instead of having to rely on makeup.


I love what I do. Every single day I get to help people transform, heal and feel beautiful-not only on the outside but inside as well.

I would say that my beauty story all started about 15 years ago with my grandma back in Zacatecas Mex. My grandma has always been into beauty. Even though she was a talented and well-respected midwife, delivering around 63,000 babies, she had a top-secret cure to get rig of the pregnancy fat after delivery. She would wrap the new moms with her family clay recipe and corsets every day for 40 days after delivery- the end result being a magically transformed figure that was even better than before the baby!

The customized specialty clay and herbs used as therapeutics to help rid the body of fat has been in my family for decades. Our proprietary blends for clay wrap therapy use organic ingredients like Peppermint, lavender, Olive and Aloe Vera and much more… but I can’t tell you. I take great pride in saying that nobody else has these one-of-a-kind blends, because we have kept them top secret!

However, news of miracle treatments travels fast in the age of social media and celebrity must-haves! My customized clay has become more and more popular and not just for fat-loss. Nowadays patients come in who are swollen, with hormonal issues and toxic due to our environment and the foods we eat. Using anti-inflammatory herbs along with lymphatic drainage has been working truly transformative results.


I am a “Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS), and I did my special training at “Career Colleges of America”. I started working as a sonographer doing echo and vascular ultrasounds right after college. I became more and more fascinated with radiofrequency and the way it helped people with weight-loss and skin tightening. In just a few short years I created my very own unique technique. My process is different from others and I think it can be attributed to my knowledge of the body from the inside – out.

When I was training and learning I saw that during the ultrasound scans of the liver, kidney and pancreas how much fat and gas there was in the human body, and how radiofrequency was melting fat. Knowing where fat accumulates and targeting nothing but the fat areas makes my treatments safer and more effective than others.

Customizing each treatment means knowing how much frequency to use and adjusting the radio frequency according to peoples body fat, how much waste needs to be drained, and if there’s more skin than fat. These all play an important part of developing the proper treatment for each patient as an individual.


My creative process didn’t happen over night- and you wouldn’t want it to! Just like all other developments in the health and beauty industry, when certain things work progress starts to happen very fast!

Having my own practice (which meant working with my neighbors) I worked by hand with my custom specialty clay and little pieces of wood; I would massage and sculpt and have effective lymphatic drainage, without any machines. My neighbors/clients were seeing results, and they spread the word faster than Twitter, and next thing I knew I had a full time job in my house!

Achieving such extensive beauty results made several A-List plastic surgeons and celebrities eager to get in on the action. I quickly own-patented machines. There are a lot of machines used for radio frequency and ultrasound cavitation, but my privately retained manufacturing company helps me to create specialty designs that highlight my own unique techniques.

There are no other machines like mine on the market today!


Working with Dr. Gary Motykie and UCBeauty body by Motykie wellness program has really brought beauty from the inside out to the forefront of beauty treatments. It has been wonderful to unify our philosophies and passions for helping people live better lives.

It doesn’t matter what kind of treatment you have, whether its invasive surgery or non-invasive techniques, without congruent lifestyle changes you won’t be able to maintain your results: Healthy is beauty. Therefore, maximizing your beauty results means enhancing your overall health by drinking more water, eating healthier foods (avoiding ones that are toxic) and getting adequate exercise at least 3 times a week.

For many of my post-surgical patients I have seen absolutely incredible results from the inside out. The postsurgical benefits are amazing- it’s not just for weight loss and skin tightening! The radiofrequency helps with stimulating the epidermal layer, which produces collagen at the same time that it breaks down scarring and scar tissue and starts promoting healthy tissue so the body can heal itself!

I believe that the future of beauty is in non-invasive treatments and therapies. With my growing beauty platform I’d like to promote non-invasive therapies, keep advancing with my techniques, updating with newer technologies and continue working with the best top surgeons and doctors in the world!

I have my own organic fat burning cream as well.