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Supreme X Pat McGrath Is The New Collab We Were Waiting For!!!


Aug 29, 2020

As everyone knows, Supreme is always creating cool and unusual things, especially when the subject is COLLAB! From the Supreme Brick and MTA Metrocards to Louis Vuitton wallets, they are always stopping the fashion industry and has conquered millions of faithful fans around the world!

Well, guess what? Now is the time to conquer the BEAUTY FANS with their brand new collab with the amazing Pat McGrath! This beauty debut is everything we needed, huh?!

The collab was announced through Pat McGrath Instagram with a series of posts and quotes related to NYC, Supreme life and “red lipstick” aesthetic in general, so they were really focusing on creating a relationship and emotional connection with the consumer – something that Supreme already does very, VERY well!

The lipstick was designed with the Pat McGrath MatteTrance, has a very red deep color, and comes in a red and gold cute tube with Supreme’s logo emblazoned in white on the front and Pat McGrath’s signature golden lip in the middle. According to Pat McGrath, the lipstick imparts a “high-intensity hydrating pigment”, so it’s basically a must-have product!

Now, before you ask us: OMG WHERE CAN I FIND IT, WHEN, WHAT IS THE PRICE…. don’t freak out!

There is no official date yet, but the Pat McGrath x Supreme lipstick will debut on the upcoming autumn/winter collection, so you will be able to shop the lipstick online and in-store later this year.

Oh, and the price? ONLY $4!!!!

W.E. J.U.S.T. C.A.N.T. W.A.I.T!!!!!!!!!


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Pat Mcgrath X Supreme