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Trending: Matching Your Makeup With Your Mask


Aug 18, 2020

The year is 2020 and the latest beauty/style trend is to match our mask with our makeup.
Don’t you believe in me? Just look through the hashtag #maskmakeup  on Instagram and you will see with your eyes!

In fashion, we have already matched shoes with purses, lipstick with nails, bra with panties, or even created a monochromatic outfit matching literally everything, so now it’s time to match our masks. In a recent interview for Elle Magazine, the makeup artist of Gigi Hadid Erin Parsons shared with exclusivity some tips and tricks that will help you when picking up the best mask and makeup: “Start playing with this idea by using a softer-toned mask. As you become more comfortable, then go for a brighter or more unique tone, and play with the eyes as a contrast that complements. For instance, a burnt orange mask would look gorgeous with royal blue eyeshadow.” – Explain Erin to Elle.

The mask became an accessory part of our daily life and breaking the taboo about it is very important. More and more stores and designers are creating more fashionable, colorful, and comfortable models, in an attempt to bring consumers closer to this much-feared health accessory.

Whichever model you choose, be sure to wear a mask! Bringing a little joy and color to a moment as delicate as the one we are living in is essential.


  • Photography Alyssa Coscarelli