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True Covers: Björk’s Homogenic


May 12, 2015

Fashion- and beauty-wise, the album art from 1997’s Homogenic is serendipitously aligned with spring trends (glowy skin, delicate floral prints, space-age nails). The photo shoot was the first step in a fruitful collaboration between Björk and Alexander McQueen, whom she enlisted to art-direct the project. As she told the Chicago Sun-Times in 1998, “I explained to [McQueen] the person who wrote these songs—someone who was put into an impossible situation, so impossible that she had to become a warrior…who had to fight not with weapons, but with love.” The final product featured the musician with 10 kilos’ worth of hair, alien-appropriate contact lenses, and a waist wrapped in gaffer tape—and almost 20 years later, it’s still unforgettable.


  • Björk's MoMA retrospective runs through June 7th