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Beauty Gossip: Vogue’s Best Celeb Skincare Routine Videos


May 19, 2020

What are you doing during this quarantine?! Taking care of yourself, obviously!
Having a skincare routine is extremely necessary to keep your skin healthy, clean, and, above all,  to give yourself a luxurious time.
Sometimes we lost track because of our work/school routine and we end up forgetting to give some attention to our body. This is something very common and helps all the time.
Having this in mind, we decided to find some “Skincare” videos on Youtube, all of them made by Vogue, and bring to you some inspirations straight from our favorites artiststhere is nothing more exciting than getting ready with celebrities and get to know their routine, right?!

For those who don’t know, Vogue Magazine has a series of videos in which they invite celebrities to do their skincare treatment. This is an amazing initiative to influences and inspires us to take care or ourselves! Counting with many different artists, each one of them teaches us and share with us their most amazing beauty secrets and tricks to keep their skin healthy and ready for any occasion!

Let’s watch some of them? It was hard to pick just 3, so we decided to share 5 (Skincare videos is so addicted!)

1) Sofia Richie’s Guide to Sensitive Skin-Care

Starting with our Popular Girl Sofia Richie, this video is a self-guided beauty secret for Sensitive skins.
Do you want to know the best part? The KING Lionel Richies makes a special appearance!

2) Imaan Hammam’s “No Sleep” Beauty Routine

The second video is with the beautiful Imaan Hammam that teaches us how to do that “no makeup” look. We tested and approved!

3) Hailey Bieber’s 5-step Guide to Faking a California Glow

Okay, the perfect video for quarantine! The queen Hailey Bieber teaches us how to create that “California Look”, full of shine and nature.

4) Saweetie’ Energy-Boosting Skin Care Routine

The singer Saweetie teaches us how to “boost” our skin, Iss the perfect skincare step to do in the morning, and makes the blood circulate in our face, creating the most healthy and fresh look!

5) Brazilian Supermodel Isabeli Fontana Shows How to Prep Your Skin for Bed

The beautiful Isabeli Fontana gives us some incredible advice on how to prep our skin for a good and restful night. It is interesting to know that just small steps make the differences, right?!

Well, obviously that there are so many more videos, so if you liked those, feel free to watch all of them! The perfect program for quarantine!

Don’t forget to drink water and to give yourself a little time.
Stay safe and healthy, populars <3