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♥ You! Dani Thorne


Mar 25, 2015

Kate Moss said “it’s a sin to be tired,” but we think it’s a sin to be bored—especially when so many cool girls around the world are posting their favorite things online. Our latest click habit goes to Dani Thorne, the Los Angeles style junkie whose Tumblr is crammed with fashion inspiration, goofy photo shoot outtakes, and enough GIFs to run a Buzzfeed office. But would she be as super-fun while filling out the dreaded Popular Pop Quiz? Um, yes.

NAME: Daniella Thorne

NICKNAME: Dani, Weirdo (it’s true)

OCCUPATION: Model, designer, stylist, actor, blogger — everything! 

MOST TEXTED PERSON IN YOUR PHONE: Rachael Lerman, my sad panda, and my love, aka Da Bae, Dylan Jeyson

DREAM ROLE IN A MOVIE THAT’S ALREADY BEEN MADE: Damn, that’s a hard one. I love playing pretend and jumping into other bodies, so that list is too long and complex.

DREAM CONCERT TICKET (ANY BAND, ANY DECADE): Beastie Boys in the ’80s, The BeeGees in the ’70s (my family was friends with them in Florida, which is kind of awesome), Bassnectar (he’s my music soul mate; he gets me).

CAREER ICON: Vivienne Westwood, Olivier Roustieg, John Galliano, Donatella Versace… like 50 more…

SPIRIT ANIMAL: An owl. They’re wise and they make the music of the night… and duh, they fly!


FAVORITE SNEAKERS: Converse… obviously.

FAVORITE BOOK: The Internet. I have ADD, so I have to be able to find my info and jump.

TV ADDICTION: At the moment? Banshee, Under the Dome, Impractical Jokers, American Horror Story

KARAOKE ANTHEM: I hate singing in front of other people…

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: Whiplash (that’s some mother f-ing talent right there)

HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? Fucking rad (the usual) 

WHAT IS POPULAR? The unpopular. I like where this generation is headed. Nobody really cares to be “cool” anymore. I dig that.


  • Photos Courtesy of Dani Thorne.

    Dani has been a working actress since she was in diapers...literally. One of her first gigs was for Pampers.