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21 Questions: Nadia Grace Mejia


Sep 1, 2015

Meet LA based model/singer/actress Nadia Mejia and find out who her most texted person in her phone is & her spirit animal, as she answers our Q&A below! 

Nickname: Nads/Nadi

Occupation: Model/Singer/Actress/Future Chef

Most texted person in your phone: My Dad! He’s my best friend in the whole wide world.

Dream role in a movie that’s already been made: Any character Emma Stone plays! She’s literally the funniest person ever. (Easy A, House Bunny, Crazy Stupid Love, Ect.) I am kind of a hoot…or at least I like to think so.

Dream Concert Ticket: Luke Bryan. Say what you want haters, but it’s all about that country music!

Career Icon: Choosing one is impossible so I would like to be a combination of Taylor Swift + Rosie Huntington Whitley + Katie Joel!

Spirit Animal: Giraffe all the way.

Favorite Sneakers: My black Performance Balance Sketchers. Everyone makes fun of the fact that I still own sketchers but they’re literally the comfiest and best running shoes ever!

Favorite Book: “The Confident Women” by Joyce Meyer. In today’s society, everyone needs a reminder of their self worth & this book changed my outlook on life completely.

TV Addiction: EMPIRE! Cookie is my Alter ego. I crush hard.

Karaoke Anthem: “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker. Literally the best sing along of all time.

Last Movie Watched: “Can’t buy me love.” Fun fact- My dad plays the role of Ricky in that movie.

How are you feeling today?: Blessed. This career path and journey I am on are everything that I could have dreamed of and I give all of the glory to the big man upstairs.

What is Popular?: Loving yourself! Embracing every inch of you! Confidence is the new sexy.