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Aug 7, 2017

We met up with Shadowhunters star, Katherine McNamara, for a day of shopping and we couldn’t wait to get the 411 on life as one of young Hollwood’s hottest actresses. Check out our 20 in 20 POPULAR profile and find out we we’re obsessed.

NAME: Katherine McNamara

NICKNAME: Kat, KitKat, Kitty, Red, Hey you… ;)

OCCUPATION: Actor/Singer/Baking enthusiast/Perpetual student.

1. HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? Happy! There’s no other way to be!

2. WHAT IS POPULAR? I’m not sure I have ever known the answer to this question. I think the important answer is what SHOULD be popular is whatever makes you feel good and happy in your own skin. In essence, I guess individuality, originality, and self acceptance should be popular.

3. MOST TEXTED PERSON IN YOUR PHONE? My family group chat. I love seeing their photos and keeping in touch since I travel so much for work.

4. DREAM CONCERT TICKET (ANY BAND, ANY DECADE)? Just take me to Woodstock. That’s all I ask. I want to experience the wanderlust!

5. DO YOU HAVE A PARTY TRICK? I’m marginally okay at darts…meaning I usually hit the board… sometimes… but I’m GREAT at line dancing!

6. LAST FASHION ITEM PURCHASED? Do makeup brushes count?

7. FAVORITE SNEAKERS?  Underarmor training shoes

8. FAVORITE BOOK? “Watership Down” by Richard Adams

9. TV ADDICTION? Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, VEEP, and GOT of course.

10. KARAOKE ANTHEM? Anything from Rocky Horror Picture Show

11. WHAT MUSIC DO YOU HAVE ON YOUR SPOTIFY?  TOO MUCH. I have everything from Broadway showtunes to country, to Beyonce, to ABBA, to Ed Sheeran, to Sara Bareilles, to Halsey and everything in between!

12. LAST MOVIE WATCHED?  Moonlight – changed my world.

13. TELL US A SECRET. I collect crazy animal socks. I gotta have a little fun when I’m always wearing boots and leather.

14. WHAT IS IT LIKE PLAYING CLARY FRAY? An absolute dream. Clary is a flawed hero who learns from her mistakes and always fights for the people she loves. This story means so much to people and its an honor to get to bring a character like this to life. Also, the skills that I am learning on the job creatively, physically, and otherwise are so beneficial. I am working on a show I love, on a character that has continual growth and evolution, with people I adore, in a world where there is never a dull moment – I really couldn’t ask for more.

15. WE KNOW YOU SHOOT IN CANADA – WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO FOR FUN THERE? There is so much to do in Toronto! Its an amazing city. I spend a lot of time with the cast (of course) so we are always exploring and finding new spots and activities in the city – be they festivals, restaurants, bars, or even parks!

16. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? I have really grown to love training. My gym time has become my “me time” to re-focus and re-center myself amidst the business. I find it so cathartic and actually relaxing if you can believe it! I also have really learned the value of spending time with the people I love. Just laughing and having fun  at a simple game night is one of my favorite things.

 17. CAN YOU TELL US ANY FUN THINGS THAT HAPPEN WHILE ON SET? Pretty much everything. When you work with such an amazing group – its hard not to make things fun. Aside from the badass on screen action and special effects, some of my favorite moments are those when we crack each other up in the middle of a take. The joy and laughter is infectious.

18. WHAT WAS YOUR PRIZED POSSESSION IN HIGH SCHOOL?  My pink graphing calculator. I was and always will be a HUGE math nerd.

19. BEST COMPLIMENT YOU COULD GET? The best compliment I could get is mutual respect with someone I care about.

20. COULD YOU TELL US MORE ABOUT SOME OF THE PROJECTS YOU ARE WORK ON? Shadowhunters Season 2B is airing now! Season 3 to come next year and trust me – it just keeps getting better and more intense. I also just finished MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE which comes out in 2018. SO excited for folks to see the third chapter of the saga. I’m also back in the studio this hiatus so music should be coming soon as well. Stay tuned!



  • Photographer: Shanna Fisher
  • Stylist: Sonia Young
  • Hair: Chris Dylan
  • Make Up: Kseniya Durst