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Jun 2, 2016

Come with us as we spend the day with one of our favorite actress in Young Hollywood, Bailee Madison. And lucky for us, Bailee is on the set of new movie “Cowgirl’s Story”. Bailee plays Dusty Rhodes a real cowgirl from Texas, that’s the new girl at Jefferson High. The film is a true coming-of-age story that deals with real life situations and the special connection that bond Dusty with her new city slicker friends.

We got a chance to sit down with Bailee in between takes to get the 411 of a “Day in the Life” of a Young Hollywood actress. Check it out.

What is your typical day on set? To be honest, I don’t think there is such a thing as a typical day on set, especially when you’re producing and acting in a film. This experience has definitely proved that! Each morning when I arrive I stop at my trailer, go over the rundown for the day to get my head in the game, grab my sides and head straight to hair and makeup. Around that time the other cast members would start to arrive and we would blast our music and have a mini dance party to get pumped for the day ahead. Once I’m through the process I change into my wardrobe and head to set! Then I have an opportunity to meet with the director to discuss the layout for the scenes of the day. This project was particularly fun because there were several other teens my age on Cowgirls, we made every moment as much fun as we could and bonded together as a cast.

What is your go-to set snack from craft services? My go to snack is sliced watermelon. It’s been a cast and crew favorite and since it’s been really hot here in LA the watermelon has been a good refresher. Another big favorite were popsicles, everyone loves popsicles!

Where is your favorite location you have worked in?  Filming here in California is beyond exciting for me because I can work all day and then go home and see my family at night. We have been filming in locations around LA, Anaheim and the quaint town of San Dimas. I really like filming the rodeo scenes, those might be my favorite. Working with the horses and their handlers every day was amazing!

How do you switch hats from Actor to Producer in one day? Trust me it’s not easy LOL, I don’t know if I do it well yet, but I am definitely trying my best and learning so much. I spend the entire day in front of the camera or behind it watching the monitors. Sometimes I was in the middle of a scene and a lightbulb would go off – maybe we could try a different way or have them say it like this. That’s when the producer side would come out and I think we made the right choices and a great movie. I was blessed to work with amazing crew, cast and their family members who made this an incredible experience.

What inspired you to go behind the scenes and Produce this project? It feels as if I’ve grown up in front of the camera and I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to jump on the other side! This was such an amazing opportunity for me to be part of a film I know that families can watch together and it was an honor to be able to pour my heart and soul into both sides of this project. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have been part of casting such a talented group of actors. Everyday has been such a learning experience and I’m looking forward to bringing it to my next production.

Watch as Bailee take us behind-the-scenes of the moving making process from the set of Cowgirl’s  Story.