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Oct 27, 2016

We got a chance to spend the day with the amazing Danika Yarosh, star of the new Tom Cruise action adventure film “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” and lets just say it was an awesome adventure on its own.

Yarosh, most recently starred in the NBC “Heroes” reboot “Heroes: Reborn”, where she played ‘Malina’ a girl destined for greatness, and just wrapped “Live Like Line”, based on a true story about a girls volleyball team forced to prevail during the state championship after the death of their star player.

When Danika is not busy filming she likes to spend her time riding her motorcycle around Los Angeles or on her new passion that is learning to fly and getting her pilots license.

1. What is your typical day during flight lessons? I get to the airport 30 minutes prior to my lesson to complete a pre-flight. This mean I have to inspect the systems on the plane and physically inspect the plane for any damage or wear and tear. After the flight inspection I have to complete what’s called a run-up where I actually test the system and make sure then engine is good to go. Then we take off!

2. What inspired you to put on your pilot hat? I’ve always wanted to get my pilot’s license. I’ve been interested in flying as long as I can remember. What’s funny is that I knew I wanted to fly before I was old enough to know that my dad had been in the air force.

3. If you could fly yourself anywhere right now, where would it be? There are so many places I’d like to go! First I’d like to fly to Iceland. I feel like it would be a beautiful aerial view to fly over.

4. What does it take to become a certified pilot? To get your pilot’s license you have to complete a certain amount of hours learning several different maneuvers. Once you have all of your hours completed then you go through a very intense testing process. Getting your license requires 3 exams – written, oral and flying.

5. Any funny stories you can share that happened while you’ve been learning? One time my mom and friend had come to visit me at the airport to watch me from the lookout area where you can see all of the planes landing. Over the radio they heard that I was the next one in the traffic pattern to land. All of the sudden they started hearing alarms blaring and that one of the planes lost an engine and several fire trucks where on the way. My mom and friend started to get very nervous thinking it might be me. Meanwhile I had no idea that any of this was happening and it just so happened that I was practicing slip-landings that day. When they saw me coming in for landing sideways, they started freaking out thinking I was the plane that lost the engine. It was pretty hilarious!