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Oct 31, 2020

Happy Halloween to all the final girls!

What’s a better way to spend the time leading up to the spookiest time of year than to kick back and watch some ghoulish delights? Check out the list for the scoop on some underrated freaky flicks we recommend based off some of your favorite popular movies!

Dust off those cobwebs and dig into a bowl of popcorn because if you’re a fan of Tim Burton and liked his flick Frankenweenie (2012), start out the spooky season by setting the mood with ParaNorman (2012)! These family friendly movies are both stop motion-animated and their stories revolve around a gifted young boy with a talent as their main character. While Frankenweenie’s Victor is a genius who can revive the dead, ParaNorman’s Norman can speak to the dead! With madness perspiring from being misunderstood, follow Norman’s journey navigating to find ‘normalcy’ in this plight to fit in while speaking to spirits. The charming characteristic textures of these designs play off very well on screen, getting you situated for a good goosebump adventure!

Warmed up yet? Let’s pick it up and talk about our favorite button-eyed ensemble in Coraline (2009)! If the Other Mother and her terrifying tricks weren’t enough to get you to sleep with the lights on, check out Monster House (2006)! This creepy feature may be marketed as a children’s movie, but it’s nothing to scoff at. Coraline’s stop motion adventure to the Other World mirrors the hair-raising journey the trio of D.J., Chowder and Zee take in the computer animated movie Monster House as they tiptoe into the taunting residence across the street. The two flicks explore themes of love and loss in their spine-chilling explorations and both flicks are perfect for Halloween time with their shockingly scary plots! Both movies prove that just because it’s animated, doesn’t mean it can’t be nerve wracking. Hey, does anyone else suddenly feel their palms getting sweaty..?

Alright, now that we’ve covered more family friendly flicks, are you up for something scarier? Fans of It Follows (2014) who want to invoke another creepy curse of an entity vowing to claim a bunch of lives should check out Wish Upon (2017)! Both movies deal with a cast full of skepticism but bound to an agreement with an evil that plagues the group. The pandemonium of It Follows is paralleled in Wish Upon, with Joey King’s character Clare erratically fighting to try to find a way to beat the sinister curse. It’s an exciting journey to see the events in this movie unfold and while impending doom seems to loom overhead, we can’t help but frantically root for a happy ending. The movies do a delightful job of highlighting the desperation of the human connection and the feelings of hopelessness when trying to save the ones we love. 

Taste for brains, zombies and gore? Maybe Train to Busan (2016) never departed your memories so try feasting your eyes on Blood Quantum (2019), another movie wrought with ooze! Eat your heart out to this zombie apocalyptic horrorfest, as this film builds upon the same kind of terror Train to Busan has, showing the same heartstring pulls of familial ties alongside radical visual effects. The gut wrenching Blood Quantum engages around a First Nations reservation whose indigenous heritage keeps them immune to the plague as they cope with the consequences of the breakdown of society under the flesh-eating infections. Lovers of the teary sacrifices of Train to Busan will be wrapped up in the unhealed wounds and personal dynamics of Blood Quantum! The flipped perspective of colonization and exploration of white refugees seeking shelter at the compound makes this flick an invigorating and noteworthy watch…  it’s a good thing we still have our brains to process all of this!

Got more time to… kill? Maybe you want to commit to a weekend long marathon of ghosts. If you’re a fan of the American Horror Story series and enjoyed their premiere season Murder House (2011), I have a listing for you! Supernatural horror series The Haunting of Hill House (2018) totally blows it out of the water with a poignant and bone-chilling season to binge. Both series follow an anthology setup and ensemble cast revolving a creepy mansion restoration and hellish haunts! The Haunting of Hill House’s paranormal plot weaves together two timelines of five adult siblings and explores themes of grief and the different ways they manifest. The characters are haunted in the present by their past experiences, proving people can leave… but their memories never die. The story’s flashbacks, beautiful cinematography (remember to keep your eyes peeled for the hidden background ghosts!) and intricate attention to detail make this series a rollercoaster of emotions. The Haunting of Hill House is not just another ghost story, it’s wrought with pain, passion and peril. It doesn’t shyly teeter on terrifying, it blasts through your soul at full force to frighten and leaves you crushedheartbroken, haunted and heavy. You’ve been warned!