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Audrey Kitching’s Holiday Gift Guide


Dec 7, 2015

NAME: Audrey Kitching

NICKNAME: Not sure if I have one to be honest! Maybe I need one. Any ideas?

OCCUPATION: Model, bird lady, artist, owner of a metaphysical shop, and synergy healer.

MOST TEXTED PERSON IN YOUR PHONE: Lauren, my employee and right-hand girl. Although to be honest, most of our texting consist of me sending her blurry photos of my cat, upcoming astrological placements, and strange things we find on Tumblr that no one else thinks are funny.

DREAM ROLE IN A MOVIE THAT’S ALREADY BEEN MADE: Can I just be a weird background creature with no speaking parts in Labyrinth?

DREAM CONCERT TICKET (ANY BAND, ANY DECADE): Sitting in the parking lot of a stadium concert for a band I’ve never heard of while feeding stray cats.

CAREER ICON: Whoever created those pink lawn flamingos.

SPIRIT ANIMAL: All the white and rare animals, like albino peacocks and such.

FAVORITE SNEAKERS: My all-black Nike kicks that are almost always covered in mud! I buy replacements of the same pair every three months once they are beyond saving.

FAVORITE BOOK: I like picture books. Four Little Kittens was way ahead of its time. If you are unaware of this magic by Kathleen Daly, Google it.

TV ADDICTION: I actually don’t have cable or anything right now! But if you’re ever feeling low, an episode of The Office on Netflix can fix almost anything.

KARAOKE ANTHEM: I never really did karaoke, but It would probably be the theme song to Peanuts, which actually has no words.

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: I’m really big on films! The other night I watched one called Magic Valley with Matthew Gray Gubler. It was pretty intense and dark. Actually thinking about it more, it kinda made me feel really uneasy, so I’m not sure whether this is a recommendation or not. Depending on your taste in movies, you decide!

HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? Sleepy—one foot in this world and the other in many.

WHAT IS POPULAR? Let’s make birds popular… and being yourself!


The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck This is hands down my favorite tarot deck I have ever come across. Its energy is so beautiful and positive, and the readings are never off. They’re spot on every single time!

Butterfly Crystal Specimen Jar This makes such a special gift. They’re magical glass jars with real cruelty-free butterflies and crystals. We hand-make these in our studio and they are beautiful when placed on windowsills, shelves, or in sacred alter spaces.

Unearthen Lithium Quartz Phynix Ring This is the perfect ring for someone special. No words are needed, just look at it!

UKA Nail Oil 24:45 This is a great gift for anyone who works with their hands, like an artist. This Japanese oil not only does the trick in keeping hands moisturized and soft, but it smells heavenly with lavender and vanilla.

Home Collection Semi-Precious Amethyst and Jasper Candle This amethyst jasper crystal-infused candle is just magical. I mean, candles and crystals—what more could you need for a home decor gift?

Stargazer String Lights I have about eight sets of these fairy lights inside my home as well as in my yard. I own them in both blue and gold tones. They are beautiful and delicate without being overwhelming.

Lolita Amethyst Collar Our Crystal Cactus vegan leather Lolita amethyst collar is one of my personal favorite necklaces we have created for the brand. It’s perfect for the girl who is both tough and sweet, bad-ass and girly!

Senso Sadie Glitter Booties If there’s anything that really screams magic to me, it’s glitter! These boots are perfect year-round, and can be dressed up or down. Glittered heels are a must for any goddess.

RabLabs Amethyst Druzy Bookends These gorgeous bookends are just perfect for the book lover in your life! They make the perfect addition to any bookshelf. After all, what better way to hold your favorite novels and sacred spell-books than with these?

Midnight Raven Candle This candle is both beautiful and dark. It’s perfect for that more mysterious friend in your life!

Mania Mania Illuminati Brass Choker This choker is what dreams are made of, and would make a perfect present for a girl who adores high fashion and magic.