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Bestie Babes: Erin & Amelia


Jun 7, 2015

In the first of our recurring series in which we interview a pair of badass best friends, we have bestie babes Erin Yogasundram and Amelia Muqbel, the girls in charge of one of our favorite online stores, Shop Jeen.

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  1. Hi
    I’ve been following both these creative lady’s on Instagram for a very long time, & they seem to just feed off of each others awesome energy, witch creates the badass flo they have for their website. They each bring a different view, style, humor, & flavor to the internet & also my insta feed. yum I love how both aren’t afraid to show emotion (good or bad), they don’t hold back. EVER. Not for anyone. They are who they are individually. Take it or leave it bitch. Yet at the same time they are sweet, considerate, & never take themselves too seriously. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE if they became something REALLY BIG…like Kardashian big except only BIGER & real. Anyways its 4;53am..idk how I stumbled upon this site, but hey heres my comment. Go get em girls! heartpulse sparkles

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