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May 20, 2016

Meet Bill Kaulitz, former singer of the band TOKIO HOTEL. Bill has recently set out on his own solo career under the artist moniker BILLY.

As the singer of the band TOKIO HOTEL, the international superstar has sold over 7 million records worldwide, performed for  500,000 people in front of the Eiffel Tower, won hundreds of awards  and gone  platinum in 68 countries. In the midst of this enormous success, he is venturing on his own for the first time to release a 5-song EP  “I’M NOT OK” out today – available here.

Check out our interview with BILLY and the video (directed by Shiro Gutzie and Davis Factor) from his first single “Love Don’t Break Me”.

What’s the hardest part of love? It’s something that you’re really honing in on with your new music. Love is hard when it’s not mutual and not honest. I think that love can hurt sometimes but if it only hurts it’s probably not real. That one big love should make you a better person; make you feel complete and happy for the rest of your life. I still chose to believe that and fantasize about it.

What do you think your new music sounds like? Describe it for us. I think it sounds honest and pure but also danceable and electronic. My idea was to dance away a heartbreak. It’s a soundtrack to my life

How do you think Tokio Hotel fans will react to your music? So far, so good. Everyone is loving it. The response is overwhelming. I was super nervous putting out that first song. More nervous than I ever was before with our other releases. I guess because it is such a personal project where I was really involved with everything that we put out. Sharing your soul with the world is nerve-racking I guess.

Tell us about the artistic components with your release. How do they fit into the overall theme of your music? My whole solo project is really about combining all the worlds I am passionate about. Doing the things I love and explore it like film, fashion and art. I am not a singer songwriter that sits with his guitar at a bonfire. I love to put on a show, entertain people. I am very visual with all my work, fashion and costumes where always a big part in my career. For my first solo project I wanted to create more than just songs. The photo book, the fine art prints and the short film underline the story of love don’t break me and give a visual to the story.

Do you want Tokio Hotel fans to be fans of your music? Or do you want to tap into a new fanbase? Music is for everyone. There are no rules or no target audience I go after. Music is emotions and love and it unites. Everyone is welcome at my exhibits or my shows. I love to share my work with people all over the world no matter what age or gender.