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Boy Crush: Brett Gray


Mar 29, 2018

We have a huge crush on Brett Gray! He is starring in “On my Block”, check it out on Netflix. We also can’t wait for his 7-song EP to come out this summer! We chatted with the rising star and found out some fun facts about him! Keep your eye on this guy!

What gets you up in the morning?
There’s this itch that makes me wake up. It’s like an internal alarm clock. It rings and says, “Go to the studio” or “Go running lazy!”

Your biggest virtue?
I really don’t care what people think. It’s so freeing.

Your biggest vice?
Sometimes I feel a responsibility to make everyone around me happy. Even if it’s above my own happiness.

Do you have a party trick?
I usually just sing. I wish I had a more original one.

How would you describe your style?
It changes every day. Right now, its streetwear all the way. Everyday.

What would constitute a perfect day for you?
Waking up without having anything to do and going to my favorite spot and listening to music and chilling the whole day.

What would your very last meal entail?
A cheesesteak. Salt, pepper, ketchup, extra mayo, and fried onions. And a strawberry kiwi mystic.

Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner?
Marlon Brando, Meryl Streep, and Viola Davis.

Turn ons?
Passion. Talent. Kindness. Humility.

Turn offs?
Meanness. Don’t have time for that.

Tell us a secret.
Hmm…. Then would it be a secret?

Your favorite quote?
Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.
Paolo Coelho

An embarrassing moment?
It’s very hard to embarrass me. But the last embarrassing moment I had, I was tickling Sierra Capri and fell so hard. It was bad.

Your proudest moment?
Watching my mom watch On My Block at the premiere.

Could you tell us more about some of the projects you are working on?
I have an EP coming this summer! Get ready.