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Boy Crush: Tristan Tales!


Jan 29, 2019

Meet Tristan Tales! We got a chance to hang out with this triple threat, actor, producer and incredible storyteller. We were super impressed, he couldn’t have been more easy going, smart and fun to be around. If you haven’t seen his “Choose your own Adventure” vlog that came out last fall, with Tessa Brooks, go watch it now!

Tell us about your YouTube Channel?

My YouTube channel is sort of like a variety channel. I post anything from vlogs to sketches to interactive Choose Your Own Vlogventures. I like to play with different kinds of story telling methods, styles, formats and genres.

What inspired you to make your own videos?

I really like experimenting with different methods of storytelling and YouTube and my other platforms gave me a creative outlet.

Who is your favorite YouTube Star?

Oddly enough, I don’t really watch a lot of YouTube. I mostly just watch my friends videos. But I do really like Rudy Mancuso’s content on YouTube. He’s incredibly talented and creative.

What is your favorite city to visit?

San Diego, my hometown :)

Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?

The Beatles, 100%. That would be so dope.

Favorite artist?

Right now I’m listening to Rex Orange County and Alt-J the most

Karaoke anthem?

Feel It Still – Portugal The Man

Favorite movie?

Pirates of the Caribbean!

TV addiction?

I’m finally catching up on TV, so currently I’m binging Breaking Bad

Last fashion item purchased?

Converse shoes

Three people- dead or alive, real or fiction- that you’d like to invite to dinner?

Elon Musk, Tim Burton, Isaac Newton

Tell us a secret/ fun fact about yourself.

I used to be a Fencer when I was younger (It’s like sword fighting, but bougie haha)

Do you have a party trick?

Yea, it’s called the gypsy fade, where I sneak out of parties like a mysterious traveling gypsy and go to bed.

What does “Popular” mean to you?

Someone who is outgoing, fun and a great friend. Kind of like me ;)

Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?

I have another Choose Your Own Vlogventure in the works for my channel. I also have several other larger projects in the works but those are still top secret ;)