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Mar 9, 2018

Meet our Cover Girl Danielle Campbell! Hollywood’s hottest young star sits with us for a chat.

Nickname: D, DC

Occupation: Actor, dancing fanatic, explorer, food and wine sampler, mermaid

Dream City to live in: New York, London, Paris, Lima

Favorite Artist: John Mayer

Celebrity Crush: Paul Walker

Favorite Place to hide out: The airport

Current Obsession: Painting

Biggest Beauty Secret: Skin care! I love natural healthy skin.

Describe your style: My style description: EVOLVING! I love fashion and i love that there is no right or wrong. I can always dress how I feel at the moment. sometimes thats super trendy, boho, edgy or a mix of vintage florals. Fashion is self expression and beautiful.

Silliest Secret: I love to freeze homemade chocolate chip cookies. And ill dance just about anywhere.

Embarrassing Moment: I knocked over a table at a coffee shop trying to get a better look at someone to see if i knew him… I didn’t.

Proudest Moment: Anytime my parents or brother come to visit me on set.

Projects you want to share with us: Famous in Love airs in April! and You Can Choose Your Family will premier this year at SXSW film festival!