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Apr 23, 2018

We had a chance to spend some time with our new obsession, Madison Beer. We were curious about what makes this creative force tick, and the more we learned the more we wanted to know. She just came off her successful European tour and is now set to tour in the US!

What was your inspiration for your latest record I took inspiration from many different parts of my life. A lot of movies inspired certain songs along with time eras. Not so much personal experiences. Some of the songs are really literal, which was intentional. I wanted to have a strong message to my fans, especially the girls. I feel strongly about self-expression and self-empowerment and try and relay that through my songs.

What inspires you to write and perform your own songs Making my fans happy and feeling proud of myself to see a final outcome. This tour I just completed was insane! It was my first time on the road, and to see the fans singing back every word at the shows, was literally mind blowing. Especially since some of the fans don’t even speak English as a first language. It’s so cool to know that people like my music because I have worked really hard on this for some time.

If you could work with any artist – who would it be Daft Punk. That track they did with The Weeknd was fire. Hope they read this.

What helps with your writing process Books and movies. Milk and Honey is a book I really love, and obviously Fight Club. I wrote a song about that lead character. I also reference Shutter Island. It’s a Martin Scorsese film that’s pretty dark. I love a good thriller that messes with your head.

What city was your favorite to perform in and why It’s really hard to pick. We started in Milan, but London was the biggest and felt so good. If I had to pick I would probably say Dublin because the crowd was so energetic! Being on tour is such a great experience because I’ve communicated with some of these fans for so long online, to actually get to meet them in person was emotional for me. I love face time with my fans.

Dream concert ticket? (any band, any decade) Beatles. My dad would listen to the Beatles when I was growing up, so I have so many memories of that. I wish I had the chance to see them live and to experience their insane fans!

Favorite song of yours “Tyler Durden” – which of course is a reference to Fight Club. I have seen that movie so many times it felt only right to name a song after the lead character.

Where do you want to be in 5 years It’s not really about where I wanna be in 5 years, it’s what I hope to have accomplished in 5 years. I hope to have sold out many world tours and maybe even have a Grammy. I don’t ever wanna box myself in creatively so I’m really open to what the next few years will bring. I also love directing, and I want to keep co-directing my videos. It’s a great creative release. Also, I just launched my first clothing line, a capsule collection for MissGuided. Getting to design was a dream of mine so I’m really proud of this new collection that just launched.

Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up  I just released my debut EP As She Pleases, and continuing to work on my debut full length album. I’m also prepping for round two of touring, which will take me through the U.S. It was cool to start it overseas and I really fell in love with being on the road. It’s such hard work but it’s also so rewarding to meet fans face to face. Other than the MissGuided collection, I also just launched a fragrance campaign with Bvlgari. That was really cool too.

Do you have a nickname: Mad or Mads

Most person texted in your phone: My mom

Career Icon: Rihanna / Lana Del Rey

Favorite mascara: Giorgio Armani

Favorite sneakers: Air force ones

Favorite book: Milk & Honey

TV addiction: Criminal Minds

Karaoke Anthem: “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera

Last movie watched: Austin Powers

Last fashion item purchased: Leather Jacket

Best compliment you could get: That I’m intelligent

What does Popular mean to you: Popular isn’t about how many people know you. It’s about how many people see your vision and support your story.


  • Stylist Erin MacDonald
  • Hair Aaron Light