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Aug 25, 2016

We met up with POPULAR friend, Kaya Stewart, at her album release party in NYC and couldn’t wait to reconnect and catch up on everything going on since last we hung out.

At the launch party, 16-year old singer-songwriter Stewart performed a few songs and discussed her new single, “Sleepover,” before we got a chance to chat on about her new album, being on tour with The Go-Gos and what inspires her when she is performing.

“Sleepover” is an awesome track with its spirited guitar tabs and striking vocals – we’ve had it on heavy rotation since the launch – get it here.

Check out our exclusive interview with Kaya:

1. If you could describe your album using 5 words, what would they be? Edgy, Unique, Exciting, Supersonic and Spicy!

2. SLEEPOVER was an amazing single to launch this album, what single can we expect next off the album? (16 dollars, is my favorite so far). I’m on the road right now and playing almost every song to new audiences every night! I’m still deciding but it’s cool to see people’s reactions and what they’ve been digging so far!

3. Do you ever feel any pressure for success because of who your father is? Never! As long as I am happy with where I am at he is happy too. He’s always been super supportive of me.

4. Do any of the songs on your album hold a special place in your heart? (Surely all the songs do, however name a specific and explain why). I think ‘Everything I Do Is Wrong’ is probably the most emotional. I wrote that song at a really difficult time in my life and in a way it helped me get through it.

5. How long did it take for you to produce this album? Although the album has taken almost three years to put out, each song was pretty quick when it came to writing and producing. Whenever I have an idea I get so excited that I end up just jotting down all my ideas quickly and getting to work at it right away!

6. What advice would you give anyone pursuing a music career? Stick to what you believe in! This business can be so judgmental. As long as you are confident in who you are no one can really get in your way.

7. Who are your music icons? I have so many it’s hard to name a few. My number ones would have to be Debbie Harry, Madonna, and Gwen Stefani.

8. How has it been performing with The Go-Go’s? It’s been so much fun! I have alway been a huge Go-Gos fan and they are all so lovely and welcoming! The audiences are all such die hard fans, it’s an honor to be a part of such an amazing experience.

9. What is your must-have item while on tour that you can’t live without? Black eyeliner! I go through so much eyeliner on the road it’s crazy. I loose almost everything, especially when I’m on the road, so I always stock up on my favorite eyeliners before I leave.

10. Since starting the promo for this album what has been the most POPULAR moment so far that has stood out to you? My album has only been out for a week and in the audience I have already seen fans singing every word to every song. That is pretty surreal and amazing. Makes me love what I do even more.