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Shut Up & Drive: The Ford Mustang GT


Mar 12, 2015

It’s 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and a bright yellow 2015 Ford Mustang GT is parked outside my Brooklyn apartment. Wait, scratch that—it’s actually double-parked on Bedford Avenue, and my best friend Melissa and I are about to test it out.

When Mustangs make cameos in movies like the James Bond film Goldfinger (in which a female assassin speeds off in a 1964 convertible), I Am Legend, or Gone in 60 Seconds, they’re usually reserved for car chases and insane tricks. I don’t experience too many of those in my day-to-day life (#boring)—for me, having a car in New York is mostly good for lugging groceries home and trekking to Ikea—so I decided to use the ’stang for the next best thing: a mini road trip throughout the Hudson River Valley. And after taking it out for a 12-hour spin, I can promise you that the 2015 GT is about as close to Vin Diesel’s level of badassery as anyone can get…even though our thrill ride was less fast and furious than most.

Taxis aside, rarely do you spot yellow cars in New York City, so having another yellow ride would’ve normally felt ridiculous (especially considering the dreary weather outside). However, this car, while unapologetically flashy, felt surprisingly natural. Thanks to a wider body that’s situated closer to the ground, the 2015 model boasts a sleeker silhouette than the old-school Mustangs. This classic all-American ride is decidedly modern, with features like an automatic transmission, a keyless entry, and tricked-out driver’s cockpit (more on that later).

Whereas the front offered cozy leather bucket seats, be warned: The backseat can get cramped. We picked up another friend to grab some breakfast on the way out of town, and it was tough crawling in and out. (Passenger seat pro tip from Melissa: “Pay special attention when you exit, because it’s easy to accidentally flash someone! I felt a bit like I was getting out of a clown car from the backseat at first, but after a while you get the hang of it.”) But aside from that slight inconvenience, this is a car that’s made for comfort, period.

The media portal up front has two USB ports, meaning you don’t have to fight your passenger to charge your phone (a key feature that way too many cars neglect). Thanks to the 390-watt audio system, which includes an AM/FM stereo, single-CD/MP3 player, the sound is crisp and clear…even when you’re cruising on a tiny road upstate.

The GT comes packed with conveniences that you didn’t even know you needed until you tried them. For example, the speedometer lights up automatically when you’re going through a tunnel so it’s easier to see. Also, the side mirrors have an indicator light that flashes when there’s a car in your blind spot (which came in handy on the highway, trust me). And if a car is approaching you from behind as you’re backing up out of your driveway, an audio alert goes off. While little touches like these undoubtedly make city driving easier, the Mustang’s long hood—its design signature—does have downsides. Navigating New York streets on wheels is tough enough already, but I stressed about getting too close to the cars and people in front of me because the front part of the Mustang extended so far out past the driver’s seat. Although I eventually became comfortable, expect for it to take longer than usual to get your bearings—especially when you’re dodging what feels like a Brooklyn obstacle course. Melissa observed that for such an iconic muscle car, this model has a surprisingly quiet engine, and it’s true. The entire trip was ultra-smooth (despite the less-than-stellar driving conditions), making it the perfect option for a weekend highway cruise. The 2015 Mustang might not be the ideal big-city car, but it is the dreamiest ride for whenever I want to get away.

We stopped at Dia:Beacon, the contemporary art gallery located about 60 miles north of Manhattan, before arriving at the retro Eveready Diner for lunch. It’s a ’60s-inspired restaurant in Hyde Park, and, not going to lie, our ride looked pretty amazing parked outside. Clearly, we weren’t the only ones who thought so, either. As we were leaving (to grab some ice cream at Stewart’s before we headed back to the city), a group of people walking inside yelled at us, “Nice car, ladies!” Even James Bond didn’t get that sort of treatment.


  • Liza Darwin photographed by Christian Storm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

    The original Mustang debuted in 1963, the same year that The Beatles "invaded" America.