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Oct 13, 2017

Our favorite ‘Gallery Girl’ BLANDA just presented her latest exhibition “Hands Down” an showcase curated by LOWKEY as part of their Pop- Up store, which will be held at HVW8 Gallery, (661 N Spaulding Ave.), in Los Angeles.

As a graphic designer and fine artist, Blanda’s intuitive work process is super instinctual with her focus coming from being able to access the subconscious – letting the art emerge and take shape on its own. In collaboration with LA’s East/West Shop and LOWKEY – a Swiss concept store offering premium second-hand garments – Blanda’s artwork is applied to an exclusive capsule collection, printed on LOWKEY original vintage Polo’s.

The show title “Hands Down” references the use of vintage reinvented in a new way as “second hand” or “hand me downs” with the hand being a prominent element in the artwork as a symbol of creation, interconnectedness and expression.

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  • Photographer: Mike Selsky