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Harlow Jane makes her feature film debut in “I LOVE US”


Sep 22, 2021

Are you excited for your first major movie, I LOVE US?
It’s definitely a stepping stone in my career. It’s a very sweet movie. I’m happy to see where this opportunity takes me. I’ve met so many great people and made amazing friends, so I’m so grateful for that.

Growing up in Hollywood, did you always want to act? Did you go to School in Los Angeles?

Not really. For a little while my perception of acting was a little nightmarish, but as I grew older I slowly started to realize that this was something I actually really enjoyed. I went to school in LA, but I never felt like it was the best thing for me. I always wanted to do my own thing.

What was it like getting cast in I LOVE US as one of the leads? What was the process like?

Danny and his producers reached out to my team, and the rest was history. This was in the height of Covid, so it was all a little difficult to navigate.  I was definitely excited to start getting back into the saddle. I wanted to finish school  before pursuing acting full time, and this felt like a good opportunity to warm up.

Tell us about being on set of I LOVE US and working with director Danny A. Abeckaser, Katie Cassidy, playing her daughter, and playing the sister to Jasper Polish? 

 Danny was great. He’s super sweet, and he answered all of my questions, because he knows I’m a little green. I really, really bonded with Katie and Jasper. We have a great time together. I can honestly say that Jasper is like my real life sister now. I love those girls.

Did your family visit you on set?

No, unfortunately not. We were shooting during Covid, so I didn’t want to risk it anyway, but I’m also pretty independent. Although, I did facetime a lot of family members throughout the process for advice. That was really comforting some days.

What is your favorite movie, current or all time? (a few is fine)

The Pumpkin Eater, Frances starring Jessica Lange- who I’m obsessed with- and A Woman Under the Influence are all great. Also, House Bunny.  That was my comfort movie as a child, funnily enough.

What actors inspire you?

 Helena Bonham Carter, I’m actually in love with her, Anya Taylor-Joy, Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh.

What is currently your favorite TV series?

I actually don’t watch a lot of television. I just don’t find the time for it. I can sit down and watch a movie for a few hours and really immerse myself in it, but I know if I start a TV series I’ll be there for days on end. I did buckle for Wandavision, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Who is your favorite current music artist – and what song is on repeat in your car? (can name a few artists)

Full Circle by the Pom-Poms has been a go to when I want something upbeat and fun but chill at the same time. I listen to Rina Sawayama a lot. Childish Gambino, Ethel Cain, Doja Cat, Fleetwood Mac. Honestly, even Grimes.

Who are your favorite fashion designers and brands?
(5 max)

Iris van Herpen, Dilara Findikoglu, Mugler, and Christian Dior’s 1998 S/S show.

Who is your style icon?

Honestly, probably my cousin, Zoë Bleu Arquette. Her style is so ethereal. That’s how I dress when I’m all alone.

What are your top go-to beauty products?

Dr. Jart’s color correcting cream has been a staple for a few months now, and Pat Mcgrath’s volumizing mascara.

What was it like doing glam every day on set?

It was so, so fun. I don’t go all out with my makeup very often, and having them do that every day was really nice. Plus, we just had so many great conversations in that chair. I made some really awesome friends sitting in front of that makeup mirror.

Any tips to aspiring teens wanting to act?

Do your work, and take the time to experiment. I think I’ve probably messed a few things up for myself by trying to experiment as much as possible and figure out what does and doesn’t work for me, but it’s honestly so necessary and it’s better to know now than later.

Anything else you wish to say about yourself for readers to know?
At this point, I’m not sure. We’re all just trying to figure it out.

Actress Harlow Jane makes her feature film debut in I LOVE US by Danny A. Abeckaser, now available (as of Sept 17) in select theatres and digital streaming via Amazon, GooglePlay, Vudu, Itunes, Vimeo, Fandango Now, and Vimeo, VOD on DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, inDemand, Gracenote, Hoopla, and all major platforms in the US and Canada. Theatre list includes major cities such as NY, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and Detroit. Distributed by Vision Films. Directed by Danny A. Abeckaser.

18, is an up and coming actress, known for Dig. The Los Angeles native is Hollywood royalty, the daughter of Thomas Jane and the renowned Patricia Arquette.

I LOVE US is a romantic crime drama- about family, internal struggle, vulnerability, tragedy and life circumstances. When a man born into a crime syndicate (Abeckaser) falls madly in love in a chance meeting (Cassidy), the existence he’s never questioned collides with his hope to become a loving husband and father to two girls (Harlow Jane, Jasper Polish). After a life-altering event, it becomes evident that his life of corruption must come to an end, but there’s only one way out—a job that will free him from the syndicate and offer his new family the life they deserve.

The film stars Katie Cassidy (When A Stranger Calls, CW’s Arrow), Danny A. Abeckaser (The Irishman, Mob Town), Robert Davi (The Goonies, License to Kill, Mob Town), David James Elliott (JAG), Jackie Cruz (Orange Is The New Black, LANSKY), Greg Finley (iZombie, Blackjack, The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Courtney Lopez (I Love Us, Love & Salsa), James Madio (Basketball Diaries, Blackjack), Jasper Polish (Animal Kingdom), and Harlow Jane (Dig), among many other incredible supporting cast members.  The soundtrack features exclusive new music from Israeli pop sensation, Eliad.

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