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Hype House Founder Thomas Petrou Takes Paris


Oct 25, 2021


The infamous LA content collective “Hype House” was recently spotted in Paris for PFW celebrating their new Netflix show. We caught up with everyone’s favorite influencer and Founder Thomas Petrou to get the details on his new reality show, the Hype House’s trip to Europe, and what his 2.1 million followers on IG can expect next from the social media sensation. Popular TV asked Thomas about his collaborators on the trip and he was excited to mention Maven’s List, Luxe Branding Haus, and MyMarkit, which took the group on a luxury tour of Paris and Rome on a private jet. Check out what Thomas had to say below.

PT: First off, congrats on all of your success. We would love to know when was that first moment where you said to yourself, “I want to start a YouTube channel” and did you ever think it would be so successful to land you on a Netflix show?

TP: I began daily vlogging on January 1st, 2016 and it’s been a crazy journey that’s brought me to where I am today.

PT: We hear you just went on a trip around Europe celebrating the show with your castmates? What were the highlights of the trip and your favorite city you visited?

TP: My favorite city was Paris, it felt like a more beautiful version of Los Angeles and inspired us all to make content.

PT: We saw on IG, during your trip, that you and your Hype House members tagged and thanked a few brands like Maven’s List and MyMarkit. Tell us your involvement with them and how these collaborations came about?

TP: These collaborations came through the Founder of Maven’s List, Jeff Jones and he brought in other brands to sponsor to take us on an amazing trip!

PT: Our viewers would love to know if you found love in Paris? It’s such a romantic city.

TP: We all fell in love with the city and hope to come back soon.

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PT: With the upcoming Netflix show, will you be explaining the starting days of the “Hype House?” Could you tell our viewers a little bit about the process of starting an influencer content house?

TP: When I started The Hype House it was always about bringing together a group of friends who genuinely cared about each other and that was the way I brought in new people which helped us grow because we all were friends.

PT: We noticed you post on social media a lot about health and wellness. What led you to change your lifestyle? Also, what tips do you have for your followers who are struggling with weight or mental health?

TP: This industry can cause very serious mental health issues so I love to stay transparent with my fanbase because I know it’s something people at home can relate to.

PT: Lastly, besides a Netflix show and a thriving career, what’s next for you that we might not expect?

TP: Netflix is my main focus outside of YouTube and finding new creators to be a part of The Hype House!

By Popular TV Staff