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Instant Gratification


May 11, 2015

No matter how addicted we are to those little Instamax cameras, they always leave us wanting more—specifically, more room for our instant photos. Why can’t the pictures be huge like old-school Polaroids, instead of sized like business cards?

Turns out, now they can.

This month, Fujifilm releases their Instax Wide Format cameras, which take bigger photos than the regular gizmos, even though their larger film costs the same ($24 for 20 pieces). It’s a good step for the camera brand, and cheaper than the Impossible Project’s re-booted Polaroid frames, which run $28 for a pack of 8.

The new cameras run $92$130, and promise some instant cool cred along with their instant film.

Bonus: There’s no WAY they can work on a Selfie Stick (a major advantage for art lovers everywhere).