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May 5, 2015

Cailin Russo

Although Cailin Russo may resemble the proverbial blonde-haired, blue-eyed Cali girl, this 20-year-old beauty has a wide range of talents. An accomplished model who has starred in music videos and contributed vocals to tracks like Super Groupie’s “Say You Want Me,” Russo’s unique look and spirit have made her a viral sensation, and one of the most exciting young It girls to emerge from Los Angeles.

Brandi Cyrus

Model, musician, and blogger Brandi Cyrus is a triple threat in the media world. Music runs in her veins—she is one half of the emerging band Frank + Derol, and is also the older sister to Miley Cyrus. She runs a popular blog, Style Native, and is also hosting The Queue, a weekly music show on

Marta Pozzan

Already an accomplished model and actress, Italian fashion star Marta Pozzan is now making a name for herself online with her global style website It’s Super Fashion. Now living in Los Angeles and also contributing to L’Officiel Italia and The Huffington Post, Pozzan’s unique take on dressing has made her one of the industry’s go-to style savants.

Shannon Barker

Shannon Barker is a lifestyle video blogger, photographer, and bona fide fashion addict who shares her carefree style with images that are whimsical and amazingly inspirational. Barker oozes cool-girl style, as evidenced by the thousands of girls who follow her for outfit inspo.

Cait Barker

A model and video blogger with a thirst for the thrill of all things beauty, Barker captures her passion with lifestyle videos and images, where she shares her tips and tricks for trying out her favorite hairstyles and doles out practical info for the beauty-obsessed.

Hanna Beth

Born in NYC and now living in Los Angeles, Hanna Beth spends her time doing what she loves—writing. She’s been keeping an online journal for six years and reports on being a fashion designer and TV personality.

Chen Yu

As a Shanghai style icon, Chen Yu’s best looks are often on display at Sodapop, the fashion party she founded. She’s also a model and DJ whose projects frequently bring her to New York and London.

Aki No Yuutsu

For this Bangkok-based fashion and style blogger, illustrator, stylist, and concert promoter, music is life. Yuutsu also loves fashion, rock music, Brazilian jui jitsu, and frequent trips to the gym.

Chisa Elle

Model Chisa Elle is frequently spotted in magazines in her native Bangkok. A serious lover of vintage, she has an enviable collection of denim and is frequently tricked out in epic looks from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s.

Georgie Flores

A Vine superstar and one of Young Hollywood’s most dynamic personalities, Georgie Flores has cultivated a unique look and an intriguing personality that have made her one of the most-discussed young actresses on social media.

Jessica Brus

A native of Sydney, Brus is a passionate vintage lover who moved to Shanghai and channeled her fashion savvy into Missy Skins, a brand that has quickly become an It girl favorite.

Victoria Ivachoff

The cousin of Jessica Brus, Ivachoff is the accessories designer at Missy Skins, and spends most of her evenings working as a hostess at Le Baron Shanghai, one of the city’s most exclusive clubs.

Elodie Khatat

Born in Paris, Elodie Khayat is currently living in Los Angeles, where she is making her mark as stylist and designer for A-list clients. Celebrated for her original style, a blend of Parisian elegance and laid-back bohemian flair, her wardrobe is dreamlike, much like her life, which sees her flit between Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and London. Follow her for lust-worthy snaps full of friends, places, doodles, parties, and style. Just a cursory glance at her feed makes you feel cool by cyber association.