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Jacques Chevelle Stars in Nickelodeon’s ‘Side Hustle’


Nov 4, 2021

1. What can you tell me about your character Jaget in ‘Side Hustle’?

Jaget is a legend in his mind! He comes into a situation with extreme confidence but not knowing what the situation is half the time. Yet that never stops him from asserting himself.

2. Was the character of Jaget a hard one to get into? What aspects of the character did you most relate to?

The character of Jaget is always a blast to explore because he has a strong, confident attitude. I ask myself, where does his confidence come from, and who does he remind me of? I can relate to the relationship Jaget has with his younger brother Munchy.

3. Relating to this character, what specifically did you bring to this role?

I related to this character by the relationship that I have with my older brother. We would tease each other, tackle each other, and give each other a hard time. I pull a lot from my relationships.

4. Do you have any odd job stories?

I do have an odd job story! I worked in logistics for a while at an office supply store that shall remain unnamed. It was a Saturday morning, and we were supposed to be changing the sale tags to the upcoming week’s deals. My other two coworkers and I decided to play the game of hide and seek. One of us counted, and the other two hid. Honestly, it is the best place to play an ultimate game of hide and seek. You have storage shelves, massive boxes, elevators, long aisles to weave in and out of; It was great!

5. How does theatre production compare to a TV role?

Theatre production is very different from a television role. Currently, I’m on a multi-camera show; one of the main differences is that I get yelled at to “cut,” instead of three months of practice, I get one week to put up the show.

6. Is there a specific way that you approach one vs the other?

Yes, I’m a big believer in the physical body, informing the character. I like to try to find where the character lives in me, and then I work from there. Each role varies on how I come to discover the character are different.

7. What is your favorite modern day musical and what role would you want to play in it?

My favorite modern-day musical is Dear Evan Hansen!

8. When did you realize you wanted to be an actor?

I realized I wanted to be an actor when I saw Queen Latifah in “Set it off” and “Last Holiday!” It was random and indescribable, but that’s when I knew!

9. In the industry, there’s a huge shift gearing back to including and telling more stories of BIPOC in the industry right now. What are Black storylines that you’d like to see on screen?

I would love to see a story about Fredrick Douglas!

10. What characters did you see yourself in growing up?

I saw myself a lot in cartoons like Static Shock. I didn’t have any live-action heroes like Black Panther, so I usually gravitated to animation.

11. What is your favorite throwback item, movie, and show?

My favorite throwback item is a Push Pop, and throwback movie “Osmosis Jones,” and throwback show is “Dragon Tails!”

12. As an actor, you are always building a skill or a craft through your characters. Is there any specific training that you’d like to do for a role?

I would love to learn combat training! That would be so much fun!

13. What are you most looking forward to in your career?

I’m looking forward to when I will finally meet and get a chance to work with Issa Rae and Viola Davis!

14. What is something most people don’t know about you?

I love drawing and painting.

15. Do you have any plans or upcoming projects

I’m working on a short film with my friends called “Neighborhood Crooks.” I’m not sure when it’s coming out, but look out for it. It will be great!



  • Photographer Tim Schaeffer at Cellar Door Studios
  • Wardrobe Ben Sherman